Outreach and Support



Imagine Jazz is a non-profit organization that is member and volunteer supported.  

Membership funds are used to support our programming from artist fees, venue rental, hotel and hospitality expenses.  

We have currently 70% of our initial 2018 goal of 50 members.  We would like to increase our membership by at least 20 members in 2020 with a goal of growing to 100 members by 2022.   

Join the revolution!

School Visits


Many of our students are over-committed and unable to attend an event outside school hours.  If your school has a budget for workshops, a school visit could be the best way to benefit ALL the students from your program.  The cost of a guest workshop can be far less than the cost of busing your students to an off-site event or out of town festival.  

If you would like to receive a clinic from one of our guest artist during their residency, we can work together to make it affordable and customize it to your needs.  

We can also send local professionals to work with your students throughout the year.  Let us help develop a program that will work best for your students.  

email rachel@imaginejazz.org 

Free & Sliding Scale Tickets


We understand that show tickets are not always affordable for all families, and sometimes special circumstances arise were someone who would like to support the arts is unable to purchase a full priced ticket.  

We also know that artists and fellow musicians (the ones that need the inspiration/learning experience the most) are often the ones that cannot afford the tickets.  

We want our community to have access to these great events, and will attempt to honor reasonable requests for free or sliding scale tickets whenever possible.  

So please use this form to request free or sliding scale tickets - we will accommodate as many as possible, keeping in mind that we have to sell enough tickets to pay our artists and costs (usually 100-130 min).  

Apply for tickets here

Women in Jazz


We are working on programs to help with representation of women in jazz including local mentor program and representation of women in our guest artist concerts.  If you can help, or would like to be involved please email rachel@imaginejazz.org

Workshop Scholarships


 We want all students and community members to benefit from our programming, and do not want financial hardship to stand in the way.  A limited number of scholarships will be available throughout the year.   

Volunteer or become an Intern!


Many hands makes for lighter loads, and more help is essential to our growth.  

Apply to volunteer or become an intern.... 


Thanks for your support


9 Guest artist concerts and many local regional features since 2018!

Become a Sponsor


Ticket sales so far only cover 50-60% of our concert costs.  Our programs have been made possible by:

-Spokane Arts Grant Award

-The Community Building Foundation

-Empowering People

-Hoffman Music

-Access Unlimited

-Jazz Education Network via the Herb Alpert Association

-The Washington State Arts Foundation

-Spokane City Credit Union

Become a sponsor! We will come up with a package that works for you.  email rachel@imaginejazz.org

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission. We can provide you with a receipt, your donation may be tax deductible. 

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