2019 SAGA

 Spokane Art Grant Award

& Community Building Foundation small grant recipient.

For Presenting Jazz Concerts & Educational events.

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Imagine Jazz

Imagine: Legacy, Heritage, Creative Possibility.

Imagine Jazz is A non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the jazz legacy and advocating for creative progress through guest artist concerts and workshops. 

We provide educational opportunities to local students and community members of all ages and levels.  

Core Values:

We provide creative diversity by programming both classic jazz & the resulting sub-genres including creative improvised music, progressive fusion and related art music. 

We celebrate the African-American contribution to jazz as well as global influences. 

We aim to foster a sense of community and collaboration among local artists through jam sessions, educational workshops and fellowship events.   

Our presentations have included:

Guest Artist Series:

-The Willie Jones III Quintet

-The Vincent Herring Quartet

-Logan Richardson's BLUES PEOPLE

-The Black Art Jazz Collective

-The Joe Magnarelli Quintet

Local Series & Presentation including: 

-Inner Flame: Female Composers Presentation

-Unforgettable: Tribute to Nat King Cole featuring Horace Alexander Young

-Imagine Jazz Festival featuring local bands & jam sessions

Founded by Rachel Bade-McMurphy and powered by The Imagine Collective, Imagine Jazz is Member & Volunteer Supported.  


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