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So Far, students from EWU, WSU, SFCC, Whitworth College, Mead High School , SAJE, Deer Park High School and members of the Community (of all ages and levels) have been able to work directly with our artists in educational events.  


- Interactive Clinic with members of 

The Willie Jones III Quintet ..... 3 separate workshops  (April 2018)

-Q&A and demonstrative Workshop with The Vincent Herring Quartet (June 2018)

-Interactive workshop with BLUES PEOPLE members of The Logan Richardson Quartet .......2 different workshops at 2 locations including a full perforrmance at EWU Convocation and 2 interviews.  (October 2018)

Interactive clinic with members of 

The Black Art Jazz Collective (Jan 2019) 

We value the hands-on learning experiences and in-person demonstrations by the artist.  Not only do our students and community members get to ask questions, we have workshops where students perform for  our artists for direct feedback in our performance clinics.  

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Imagine Jazz Concert Series


 2019 Got off to a great start with 

The Black Art Jazz Collective! See pics

We plan to offer  3- 5 additional events in 2019.  

Up Next: 

Inner Flame: 

Collaborative Ensemble of regional female composers including: Jenny Kellogg, Lauren McKinley, Kate Skinner, Allison Poteracke. Jessika Smith and Rachel Bade-McMurphy.

Details TBA soon

Joe Magnarelli Quintet

w/ Ralph Moore, Anthony Wonsey, Dezron Douglas & George Fludas

June 26th (more details TBA)

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Imagine Jazz Festival


We are working towards the planning of this years festival for the weekend fo April 27th 2019.  This year's festival plans to feature many local performers and lead into the EWU Jazz Dialogue festival scheduled for May 4th.  Stay tuned for more details.  

 The very first "Imagine" Jazz Festival 2018 was April 19th-25th 2018.  

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The festival featured local performances, clinics and masterclasses and jam sessions.    

Our featured guest artist was: The Willie Jones III Quintet on Wednesday April 25th.  The Quintet was Jeremy Pelt, Ralph Moore, Eric Reed and Gerald Cannon!  

See photos and more on our  Festival page -  

Local Artists featured were:

Brian Ploeger

Brent Edstrom

Brian Ward

The Imagine Collective

Orlando Sanchez

The Larsen Group

Kristina Ploeger

Rachel Bade-McMruphy

Men of Rhythm

Alison Poteracke

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