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The Imagine Collective

Rachel Bade-McMurphy's Imagine Collective includes Brendan McMurphy and a network of musicians working together creating Jazz and beyond.   The Imagine Collective appears  in a variety of formats ranging from trio and quartet acoustic format to large band configurations.  They perform original and modern jazz with a variety of  additional fusions and influences.  

Some Current projects are: 

--The Imagine Collective Hip Hop Collaboration featuring Ben X and Brotha Nature

--Unsung Heroes and seldom heard songs: A collections of rare beauty and post-bop compositions including works from Cal Massey, Charles Tolliver, Archie Shepp and more. 

--Second Hand Sally: An eclictic mix of 70s and 80s Dance hits, Soul, Funk, R&B, and jazz.  Groovy tunes and a thrifty good time. 

Imagine Jazz Concert Sereies


Up Next: 

 We are proud to present in concert: 

Cory Weeds & David Hazeltine September 16th 

at Holy Names Music Center 

Logan Richardson

October 3rd 

at Terrain

Eric Reed Quintet

has been post-poned

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"Imagine" festival and education

"Imagine" Jazz Festival 2018 was April 19th-25th.  

see highlights

The festival featured local performances, clinics and masterclasses and jam sessions.    

Our featured guest artist was: The Willie Jones III Quintet on Wednesday April 25th.  The Quintet was Jeremy Pelt, Ralph Moore, Eric Reed and Gerald Cannon!  

See photos and more on our  Festival page -  

Local Artists featured were:

Brian Ploeger

Brent Edstrom

Brian Ward

The Imagine Collective

Orlando Sanchez

The Larsen Group

Kristina Ploeger

Rachel Bade-McMruphy

Men of Rhythm

Alison Poteracke


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