Legacy Workshops

A chance to work directly with the masters!

All ages and levels are encouraged to take part in the Legacy Workshop Series.  

From beginner to professional levels, student or adult,  all can be encouraged and inspired by working directly with the Masters! 

Sign up as an individual, or as a Combo/Band

Each Residency will include 3 or more hours of instruction with the guest artists including:

-Group Lessons

-Combo/Band Coaching Sessions

-Instrument Specific Workshops

-Question & Answer Sessions

-Performance Critique

*Tuition will also include a ticket to the evening concert(s)

Prices for single workshop (Pelt OR Barber):

[  ] $100 - Individual

[  ] $350 - Band Combo

Price for attending both Workshops Pelt AND Barber 

(must register at the same time).  

[  ] $160 - Individual

[  ] $500 - Band/Combo

Upcoming Residencies:


January 14th & 15th 2020

Jeremy Pelt Quintet:

Jeremy Pelt - Trumpet

Chien CHien Lu - Vibraphone

Victor Gould - Piano

Richie Goods - Bass

Allan Mednard - Drums

*Full Schedule TBD based on registration & artist Schedule*

Tentative Schedule:

Classes: 4pm-8pm on Tuesday Jan 14th

Possible Classes: 3:30-5 Wed Jan 15th

Concert: 7:30pm-9 Wednesday Jan 15th


March March 5-7, 2020

Jonathan Barber Vision Ahead

Jonathan Barber - Drums

Godwin Louis - Saxophone

Taber Gable - Piano

Andrew Renfroe - Guitar

Matt Dwonszyk - Bass

*Full Schedule TBD based on registration & artist Schedule*

Tentative Schedule:

Possible Classes Thursday March 5 4pm-8pm

Classes/Concert: Friday March 6 4pm-9pm

Classes: Saturday March 7th 10am-2pm