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Spring Festival

-"Inner Flame": May 25th 

a collaborative presentation featuring female Jazz composers

-Unforgettable: The music of Nat King Cole May 30th

-Local artist features: Thursdays at The House of Soul 

May 2,9,16,23


Joe Magnarelli Quintet June 26, 2019


Joe Magnarelli - Trumpet/Flugelhorn

Ralph Moore - Tenor Saxophone

Anthony Wonsey - Piano

Dezron Douglas - Bass

George Fludas - Drums

Location TBA - Tickets available soon


The Groover Quartet -- Oct 3rd 2019

Mike LeDonne - hammond organ 

Eric Alexander - tenor saxophone

Peter Bernstein - guitar 

Joe Farnsworth - drums 

 Mike LeDonne's Groover Quartet has been the featured Tuesday night band at Smoke (New York) for the past 14 years. 


internationally renowned pianist and organist Mike LeDonne has the unique experience of having played with a wide spectrum of jazz masters from Benny Goodman to Milt Jackson and Sonny Rollins. 

He has worked with the Art Farmer-Clifford Jordan Quintet, went to Paris with Grady Tate, and played with more modern masters like James Moody, Dizzy Gillespie, Stanley Turrentine, Charles McPherson, Sonny Rollins and Bobby Hutcherson. He also spent time as accompanist to singers Ernestine Anderson, Annie Ross and Etta Jones.

Legacy Workshop June 24th-26th


Jazz Training with the Masters!

Our Summer Jazz Camp includes a full day with the members of 

The Joe Magnarelli Quintet!  

Something for All Levels!

 A Jazz Workshop for All Levels!

-3 day intensive for beginning - intermediate students.  
Includes 2 days with local pros & teachers on scales, chords, blues language, building jazz vocabulary, learning tunes and more!  
Plus 1 day with the guest artists & ticket to the evening concert.

-1 day workshop for advanced students, professionals,
community members & teachers

Register NOW

Register Now or Call HNMC at 326-9516

$200 for 3 Day Workshop 

$85 for 1 Day Workshop  

10am -3pm M-W + Wed Eve Concert 


Guest Artist The Joe Magnarelli Quintet Masterclasses & Group Lessons from:  -Joe Magnarelli, trumpet -Ralphe Moore, saxophone -Dezron Douglas, bass -Anthony Wonsey, piano -George Fludas, drums  


Baby Bird

"Baby Bird" Group Saxophone Classes at Holy Names Music Center July 8-Aug 16


The Baby Bird Jazz Saxophone Group Class will be 6 weeks 

(meeting 2x per week for hour sessions)
July 9-Aug 16

-Intuitive Approach

-Call and Response

-Fundamental Scales

-Intro to Triads and Chords

-Beginning Jazz/Blues Language

Level 0 = no prior experience

Level 1= 1(to 2) years experience

Level 2 - 2 (to 3) years experience

The pricing is as follows:

$40 per week ($240 total)
 $216 (10% discount) if paid all at once

Discount for Holy Names Students!
$35 per week ($210)

$180 if paid all at once 

There will be multiple sections to accommodate levels & schedule.  

Call 509-326-9516 to Register, or Register Now 

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The Black Art Jazz Collective

January 23, 2019


The Black Art Jazz Collective performed a concert on Jan 23rd at SFCC auditorium for an audience of 95.  

They also performed an afternoon clinic in which students from Deer Park High School, Washington State University, and members of the community learned from the group.  

On January 24th, We drove BAJC to Missoula where they gave clinics at University of Montana and performed to a sold out audience of 130 at the Downtown Dance Collective.  


Wayne Escoffery

Jeremy Pelt

Xavier Davis

Corcoran Holt

Johnathan Blake


The Logan Richardson Quartet

October 2nd & 3rd 2018

An Inter-dimensional portal was opened and for a short time we all existed on the same plane. Logan Richardson's beautiful alto sound soared above Igor Osypov's intricate guitar lines that weaved and danced above the powerful duo of Dominique Sanders's Bass and Ryan Lee's drums.   Epic Rock beats were fused with elements of Jazz, Blues, Metal and Modern Freedom....... Filled with heavy guitar effects, samples and lyrical solos.  It was victory music;  beautiful and inspiring.  It referenced the battle, represented the struggle and was everything we knew we always needed but couldn't quite define.  It was simply grand. 

Local students from WSU, SFCC and EWU were in attendance in the SFCC band room on Oct 2nd where the workshop began with an interview with Logan Richardson.  Richardson spoke about his hometown Kansas City, creative culture in New York, the history of slavery and it's affect on society, current social struggles, the concepts of stretch music and SHIFT.


During the interactive portion of the workshop, students from the WSU combo "Jazz Wires" performed for Logan and the quartet.  The students were encouraged to "play like it was the very last time".  Drummer Ryan Lee coached

the students on beats, technique and more.  The Imagine Collective also performed for the 


On Wednesday Oct 3rd, BLUES PEOPLE stepped out to Cheney and talked with students on aspects of the music business and then performed a short set for the entire school of music at Convocation.  

The BLUES PEOPLE concert was the first Imagine Jazz collaboration with Terrain at the Washington Cracker Co Building.  Around 90 people were in attendance at the concert including many college students.  

-Rachel Bade-McMurphy

Logan Richardson at Terrain Oct 3, 2018

Logan Richardson at Terrain Oct 3, 2018

Vincent Herring Quartet June 2018

Vincent Herring Quartet Clinic


June 18 2018 we had the great pleasure of receiving a clinic from The Vincent Herring Quartet with Carl Allen, David Kikoski and Yasushi Nakamura.  Around 30 students and community members were able to receive advice from the Quartet at Holy Names Music Center. The clinic was made possible in part by Yamaha. 

Vincent Herring Quartet


The show was well attended, with around 90 attendants at The House of Soul.  The quartet with Carl Allen, Yasushi Nakamura and David Kikoski played 2 sets to a very appreciative audience.  

2018 Imagine Jazz Festival


The 2018 Festival came to a close on April 25th

We were so pleased with the first ever Imagine Jazz Festival!  

Local Bands performed at House of Soul Thurs-Sun and we finished out the festival with a performance by The WIllie Jones III Quintet.  We rented a grand piano - so Spokane could experience a real dinner-club atomosphere.  The Willie Jones III quintet was off the hook - bringing a great mix of intensity, and soul and brought the New York Vibe to Spokane.  It was the such a treat for Spokane listeners at The House of Soul who varied from College students to local professional musicians and other jazz loving community members.  

Student Clinics

We had 3 fantastic clinics for this years fesstival - giving the local studnets many opportunities to work with the guest artitsts - The Willie Jones III Quintet.

The Tuesday night clinic featured small group combos from WSU, EWU, Whitworth and SAJE who performed and received feedback by the artists. It was a treat for the students to be able to watch each other perform, and for all the students to be able to hear the various comments.  In the middle of the clinic, the students were able to watch a small performance by members of the Willie Jones III Quintet - allowing them to hear the model.  

There were 2 clinics on Wednesday - one at Mead High School where Jeremy Pelt worked with some students on soloing, and a clinic in the afternoon at The House of Soul where Ralph Moore, Gerald Cannon and Willie Jones III worked in trio format performing for students of SAJE and answering various questions.    

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